Free Access Auditor for Children’s Hospitals

As part of our community outreach, SCC will license its Access Auditor product free of charge to any non-profit healthcare company that runs a children’s hospital. To find out more, please contact us and we’ll give you more details.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are you really giving away your software?

A: Yes, we will license Access Auditor free of charge to any non-profit agency that runs a children’s hospital. Consulting and support can be provided at a greatly reduced price, or you can simply install Access Auditor yourself.

If you have the resources to purchase Access Auditor, we can also make a more meaningful impact by donating all licensing revenues directly to your non-profit foundation.

Q: What’s the criteria? Can anyone qualify?

A: The only criteria is that your agency must run a children’s hospital as a non-profit and have an “open door” policy. That means that if a child needs help, but the family does not have insurance or adequate financial resources to pay for treatment, the child will not be turned away and will receive the same level of care as a fully-insured child.

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: We have a special place in our hearts for children who are suffering. Our hope is that the financial resources that would have been spent on Identity and Access Compliance will instead be re-invested in helping children in need of care.