Alternative to IDM

The Alternative to Costly IDM Deployments


The Access and Control Benefits of Identity Management Without the High Cost

Identity Management (IDM) deployments are commonly touted as the only way to achieve strong control and compliance benefits related to user access rights and entitlements. While IDM solutions are an effective option for some companies, the issues of high cost and complicated deployments should not be ignored.

A typical IDM deployment can range from $300,000-$1,000,000 or more for software licensing alone. Gartner estimates that labor and consulting costs are 5 or more times the software costs.

Some of the reasons that project price tags often grow to over $5,000,000 include:

  • Countless meetings to gain corporate-wide “Buy-In” before the implementation begins. The time spent on these meetings is often not tracked or accounted for.
  • High amount of customizations are needed to connect to data sources. One IDM vendor was asking for $75,000 for each connector they create.
  • Countless custom workflows require months of professional services to complete.
  • Improper planning leads to wasted time and effort.
  • A typical IDM deployment will take 1-3 years to complete, and often are never fully implemented.

According to Deloitte, nearly 50% of Identity Management purchases become “shelfware”, undeployed software due to the overwhelming project complexity.


A Better Answer

The Access Auditor solution from Security Compliance Corporation is an Identity and Access Governance (IAG) tool to help control user access rights and privileges. By focusing on access rights security and entitlement reviews, Access Auditor is able to provide tremendous compliance benefits in a matter of days.


A full deployment of Access Auditor can be completed in a matter of days

Access Auditor works in combination with any provisioning solution to provide the following benefits:

  • Automate the user access certification process
  • Simplify and improve compliance with role-based certifications and management.
  • Consolidated view of user access rights across all applications
  • Automated alerting to changes in user privileges
  • Alerting and reporting to separation of duties (SOD) violations
  • Easy-to-use user recertification / attestation of access rights through a web browser
  • Real-time and historical access rights reports
  • Reference tool for help desk users to manage employee transfers and terminations

To find out more about how Access Auditor can help you gain control over your user access rights at a fraction of the cost of Identity Management deployments, contact us today!

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