Entitlement Review

Automated Entitlement Reviews

Periodic reviews of employees’ access rights no longer need to be performed by running from office to office or sending countless emails. Access Auditor from Security Compliance Corporation automates the user entitlement review / certification process with advanced rule-based approval workflows. Stop the Spreadsheet Rodeo and send your approvers to our simple web-based solution.

Access Auditor Entitlement Review


Features and Benefits

  • Approvers can certify access rights with a simple and easy-to-user web-based solution
  • Flexible rules-based workflows allow for approvers at all levels approve or deny the rights assigned to their users, and initiate remediation as necessary
  • Records of all reviews are saved in a secure database for auditability, reporting, and archival
  • Provides company-wide attestation of employee access rights and privileges required for IT best practices and compliance-related audits (SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, ISO 27001, PCI, and others)
  • “One-click” evidence of compliance provides evidence of control to external auditors