At SCC, our team of security experts will collaborate with you to improve your IT security risk posture, ensure compliance, and eliminate security threats before a breach occurs. All of our team members have 15-20 years of real-world information security experience.

Our customers include some of the world’s largest companies with critical security risks such as Bank of America, Visa, and Oracle. Contact SCC today to learn more about how we can help.

CSO Strategy and Advisory Services

Every year the number of security breaches increases dramatically. One of the primary reasons companies become a security statistic is the lack of a solid security program and strategy detailing how to detect weaknesses and prevent breaches before they occur. SCC services range from security exposure review to interim-CISO consulting services. Some examples include:

  • Create a comprehensive security program blueprint including technology and staffing recommendations. We help you determine the right blend of staffing skills and specific defense-in-depth technologies to maximize your defenses.
  • Perform risk assessments to identify potential security weaknesses or operational challenges.
  • Recommend strategies for defending cloud data, preventing malware and breaches, and creating defense-in-depth solutions.
  • Help prepare for board-level and executive strategy discussions.


Audit and Governance Consulting

As leaders in the security and compliance industry, SCC consultants work extensively in the audit and governance fields. We can help streamline your IT compliance program by providing internal audit support, helping in several areas including:

  • Prepare for significant corporate events such as mergers, acquisitions, or IPOs.
  • Define and review policies and key controls. We can help you focus your requirements and reduce your control set to a more manageable and effective number.
  • Provide advisory services for audit response including strategies on how to negotiate with and manage auditors.
  • Help with staffing challenges. We can provide experience expertise to meet compliance challenges for SOX, HIPAA, PCI, and general IT controls. SCC helps with both established companies as well as those that are undertaking compliance audits for the first time.


Penetration Testing and Security Assessments


Security Compliance Corp discovered several flaws that previous security assessments never identified… I would definitely recommend Security Compliance Corporation for providing expert consulting services for vulnerability assessments.


Tama Allen, Chief Technology Officer Municipal Employees’ Retirement System of Michigan

SCC consultants are experts in both web application and network security, including authors and instructors for both the SANS Institute and the MIS Training Institute. Whether the engagement is for web applications or networks, our methodologies mimic an attacker’s behavior to identify vulnerabilities and design flaws that could lead to compromise.

Our team can perform vulnerability scanning and manual penetration tests of networks, systems, and web applications. Our web application penetration tests to find not only common OWASP vulnerabilities, but also identity logic and design flaws as well as developer techniques that could lead to future compromise.

In addition, when performing a web application test, we can include web application security training for the development staff and provide coding recommendations to improve security on-going.