Access Manager

Automated User Management

The Access Manager allows you to disable or make changes to users based upon triggered events or with a push of a button. Using a simple configuration page, you create action events. The action event will tell Access Manager how to add or delete a privilege, modify a user attribute, or disable a user in various applications or directories.

Once the management actions are defined, you can manually apply them to users, or set automatic triggers to take action based upon changes in people or privileges. For example, you can watch for user termination, groups added or removed in Active Directory, or any other change on any system or text file. Once the trigger criteria is met, Access Manager automatically apply the selected actions to make changes in user attributes, group memberships, or other access rights.


Access Manager


Features and Benefits

  • Manually disable or change any user access right or attribute
  • Automatically monitor and detect changes in a user profile
  • Take action to change user parameters or privileges based upon detected change
  • Automated user management prevents audit findings related to terminated user accounts
  • Move towards continuous compliance with proactive user management



  • When the helpdesk receives a termination ticket for a user, the login to Access Manager and disable access with the push of a button
  • If a user is no longer in the HR system, automatically disable their access to all systems
  • When a user is granted a specific access right, modify their access to other applications
  • If a user is disabled in Active Directory, automatically disable or modify their access to any other system