Access Auditor Suite

Periodic reviews of employees’ access rights no longer need to be performed by running from office to office or sending countless emails. Access Auditor from Security Compliance Corporation is an identity and access governance product that discovers and reports on access rights and privileges for users across an entire organization. Key features include:

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Role Manager

SCC’s Role Manager product extends Access Auditor and helps you define and manage both application-specific and enterprise business roles. Role Manager lets you:

  • Define your application and enterprise roles within Access Auditor
  • Perform user entitlement reviews that include roles, highlighting role memberships as well as privileges users may have that are not part of their role.
  • Automate the periodic reviews of the role definition enabling the role owners to ensure the role structure remains accurate.
  • Generate regular reports and alerts to privileges discovered outside of a role.

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Access Manager

SCC’s Access Manager allows you to disable or make changes to users based upon triggered events. Access Manager monitors and detects changes in a user profile, and takes action to change user parameters or privileges. For example:

  • When a user is no longer in the HR system, automatically disable their access to all systems
  • When a user is granted a specific access right, modify their access to 4 other applications
  • If a user is disabled in Active Directory, automatically disable or modify their access to any other system

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