Access Manager

Automated User Provisioning

The Access Manager makes user account provisioning fast and simple. SCC takes a unique approach to its Identity Management (IDM) suite, giving you the power, speed, and flexibility to ensure success.

Traditional IDM tools require months of professional services and developer programming or scripting skills to deploy. Moreover, roughly half of all identity deployments end in failure to connect to more than a simple Windows network.

Access Manager brings Identity Management to companies who value their time and resources while solving a critical pain point. You can be up and running in a matter of weeks for a fraction of the cost of other provisioning tools.



Features and Benefits

  • Create, disable, and change any user access using manual or automated rules
  • Monitor and detect changes in user profiles
  • Prevent audit findings related to terminated user accounts
  • Succeed in weeks with our fast and easy solution



  • When the helpdesk receives a termination ticket for a user, the login to Access Manager and disable access with the push of a button
  • If a user is no longer in the HR system, automatically disable their access to all systems
  • One page to create and provision a new user and multiple applications
  • If a user is disabled in Active Directory, automatically disable their access to all other systems
  • Automatically provision user when added to HR system